This is to advise that due to COVID infections rapidly spreading in the community the Arts Centre will be closed to members and visitors from 30th December 2021. To allow our members time to receive their Covid Booster protection. This decision is made to keep our community safe. The situation is being reviewed as things change and we will keep you updated.


Until 25 January – Port Paradise and Print Makers display

Our well loved Christmas Raffle won’t disappoint this year. Tickets available in the Gallery until 22 December.

Christmas Dispaly runs until 22nd December.

Explore the beauty of our bays, beaches, and our sanctuaries. Our Artisans will be showcasing the best of the Beautiful Port Stephens.

Print Makers display will showcase exciting works created via techniques including woodcut, etching, engraving, and lithography.

Works for sale in the gallery include paintings, pottery, cards, craft, patchwork, fusion, mosaic. Come in and find a wonderful memento of your visit to Port Stephens

To view photos click here

Featured Artist, Roslyn Clarke – Painter

26 January – 8 March Australiana & Mosaics

Australiana display will reflect A celebration of our natural environment.

Mosaics will be a vibrant display containing many interesting works of art.

9 March – 19 April Music & Fusion

Music – Bringing shapes to life. The Artists interpretation will portray an emotional response depicting the beauty of sound.

Fusion is a creative textiles group that works experimentally with a wide range of materials. We use all types of fabric, plastic, wood, feathers, paper, wire, dyes and more. Fabrics can be stitched, folded, layered, burnt, slashed and manipulated in many ways to produce a new exciting tactile surface. This new surface can then be embellished further by beading, machine stitching, or textile paint.

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Wheelchair Access

Port Stephens Community Arts Centre open 7 days a week from 10 am until 4 pm, free entry. We have wheelchair access.

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Arts and Crafts Groups

There are a large number of Art and Crafts groups, who meet at the centre on a regular basis to practice their crafts.

Garden Cafe

Our small garden cafe is open on Saturdays  from 10.00am to 2.30pm. Homemade light lunches.