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8th May – 18th June “Spinners & Weavers” Plus “Rustic Country Life”

A selection of natural fibres are used including sheep’s wool, alpaca, mohair, silk and bamboo to provide the raw material which is then washed and carded, before being dyed in an exciting range of colours. To complete the process we have created an exciting selection of garments to brighten our winter days. Rustic Country Life brings out the excitement of travelling through our Australian Landscape, you will find many scenes as depicted in this amazing collection of art works. Click here to view photos.

19th June – 30th July “Large Modern Canvases” as well as  “Quilting to warm your home

Being creative is one of the joys of painting, this show’s in the variety of  large canvases our artists have produced for modern homeS.In the second exhibition our Quilters will put warmth into your home & bedroom with one of their colourful quilts. Feature Artists Margaret Brace (Mosaics) from 19 June – 9 July followed by Di Atkinson 10 – 30 July. Feature Potter is Joel Kuhn

31st July – 10th September “Rivers Lakes and Mountains” as well as  “Print Makers Group

Mountains are the source of our rivers, meandering through the landscape and ending up at the sea. These waters provide a life giving environment for life in all its forms, of plants and animal. The art of printmaking will be showcased in this exhibition.Feature Artists Milja Phillipson (Photography) from 31 July – 20 August followed by Isabel Pringle 21 August – 10 September. Feature Potter is Gill Ward

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Arts Centre Nelson Bay - wheelchair access
Wheelchair Access

Port Stephens Community Arts Centre open 7 days a week from 10 am until 4 pm, free entry. We have wheelchair access.

Arts Centre Nelson Bay - art classes
Arts and Crafts Groups

There are a large number of Art and Crafts groups, who meet at the centre on a regular basis to practice their crafts.

Garden Cafe

Our small garden cafe is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00am to 2.30pm. Homemade light lunches.