Until 19 September –  Our Garden, Spring Affair,  and Printmakers

Plants, bushlands, or still life. Flora and fauna at your doorstep.The Spring Affair is on Saturday 9th September where you will have the chance to see our artisans in action and pick up bargains.Printmaking will be a display of techniques, including etching, engraving, lithography, and screen printingFeatured Artist is Joy McLeod . Featured Potters Jenny Crozier & Daad Ruelle

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20 September – 31 October Wild Animals, Pastels and Bonsai Show

Wild Animals – Here or abroad, including creatures in need of conservation, endangered, or extinct. A captivating exploration of the fascinating world of wild animals. Through a variety of artistic mediums.

Pastels – a captivating art exhibition that celebrates the beauty and versatility of pastel as a medium. The soft, powdery pigments of the pastels create a luminosity that is unmatched by other mediums.

Bonsai Show 30 Sep & 1-Oct The display will include a large range of trees, both natives and exotics, styled to create miniature examples of their bigger cousins.Featured Artist is Susan Zhou. Featured Potters Jenny Crozier  & Daad Ruelle

1 November – 12 December – Travel and Christmas Craft

We all have the travel bug. Where will our Artists take us?

 Christmas Craft unique hand crafted stocking fillers.

Ledgendary Christmas Hamper Raffle tickets

Featured Potters Gill Ward & Heidi  Harber

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Arts Centre Nelson Bay - wheelchair access
Wheelchair Access

Port Stephens Community Arts Centre open 7 days a week from 10 am until 4 pm, free entry. We have wheelchair access.

Arts Centre Nelson Bay - art classes
Arts and Crafts Groups

There are a large number of Art and Crafts groups, who meet at the centre on a regular basis to practice their crafts.

Garden Cafe

Our small garden cafe is open on Saturdays  from 10.00am to 2.30pm. Homemade light lunches.