15th Port Stephens Art Prize 2023 Sections

Art Prize Sections


The application of pigments (oil, acrylic, watercolour, gouache, ink, pastel) to a surface to create an image, design or decoration. Includes Printmaking.
 1st Prize – $1,500 Sponsor Kate Washington & Meryl Swanson
2nd Prize – $500 Sponsor Port Stephens Council


Images are depicted on a surface by making lines, marks, tonal areas and washes. The drawing will be on paper based ground in Graphite, Charcoal, Unblended Pastel or Ink.
 1st Prize – $1, 500 Sponsor West Diggers Nelson Bay
2nd Prize – $500 Sponsor PSCAC -Life Drawing Group

Mixed Media

Artworks which are composed of several different media or materials, such as collage and paint.
1st Prize – $1,500 Sponsor Love Oil Collection
2nd Prize – $500 Sponsor Soldiers Point Bowling Club


Textiles as a decorative two-dimensional art form. Any fabrics and fibres may be used to produce a work which is non wearable, and must be able to be hung for display.

1st Prize – $1000 Sponsor Port Stephens Community Arts Centre
2nd Prize -$500 Sponsor PSCAC Fusion Group


A two-dimensional work that has a perimeter that must not exceed 40cm (e.g. 10 x 10cm) excluding frame. Works in any medium.
1st Prize – $750 Sponsor PSCAC – Painters
2nd Prize $250 Sponsor PSCAC – Painters

Port Stephens Council Prize

Any two dimentional work by a local artist within the Port Stephens Council area.  Photography is acceptable in this category only.
1st Prize – $1,500 Sponsor Port Stephens Council
2nd Prize – $500 Sponsor Port Stephens Council

People’s Choice Award

All entries are open for selection in the People’s Choice award that will be determined by the public during the 10-day exhibition.
Prize – -$200 Sponsor Port Stephens Community Arts Centre

Registration Form. Click to enter the Art Prize.


  1. Free choice of subject matter.
  2. Entry fee of $15 per entry to be paid by direct deposit via the online entry form.
  3. ALL ENTRIES must be available for Sale: Commission of 30%, GST. inclusive will apply for all works sold.
  4. All entries must be the original work of the artist and completed within the last two years.
  5. Each entry must be suitably strung with cord or wire attached with D-rings, and ready to hang.
    Wet Paintings or improperly strung paintings will not be accepted.
  6. Entry details for each work to be printed and stuck firmly to the back top right hand side of each painting. Details must be exactly as registered, in order to match details in the Catalogue. Your confirmation email will contain the label for each entry. Please print this label to place it on the top right-hand side of your entry.
  7. Size limit 1 meter maximum for any one side including frame. No more than 1 entry to be of maximum size.
  8. Unacceptable works include: triptych and diptych configurations, photographs, (except for Port Stephens Council Prize)  3D work or attachments, and other forms of art such as pottery, sculpture, works that breach copyright etc.
  9. Transport and packaging of the entries is the responsibility of the artist.
    1. Return prepaid labelled packaging must be provided suitable to allow the safe return of unsold work.
    2. It is recommended that registrants provide their own insurance.
    3. Art Work is displayed at the Artists own risk, to the extent permitted by law. Entrants indemnify and shall keep indemnified, the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre, and its management, against all claims, losses and / or carriage that may be suffered.
  10. The Judge’s decision is final. No correspondence or discussion will occur in regard to these decisions.
  11. The Art Prize Committee reserves the right to declare ineligible any work that does not conform to the Conditions of Entry. Entry fees are not refundable.
  12. Entrants authorise and agree to permit the Art Prize to publish their names, to photograph the work and reproduce images of any work selected for the purpose of promotion of the Port Stephens Art Prize. This includes on Print Media, Facebook, Instagram.
    These permissions acknowledge that the artist remains the copyright holder.
  13. Payment for works sold during the Art Prize will be paid into the artist’s nominated bank account by 14th April 2023.
  14. All entries are also eligible for the People’s Choice award. The encouragement award is only applicable to Port Stephens Community Arts Centre members.